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So, I just finished reading Cat's Cradle and that book thoroughly messed me up. I mean, the book was basically saying that all religion is just a beautiful lie in order to distract us for the horrors of the human condition.

Well, that really messed me up, as I said before.
Now I never really thought about religion as a lie. But the idea that there could be millions/billions of people who are believing a lie according to that philosophy (as the book basically says that all religion is a lie, therefore if you believe in that philosophy then there ARE millions of people who are believing in a lie), just really boggled my mind. I mean, yeah, a lot of Holy Texts says that there are false gods, and I guess that means that these Texts are saying that these other religions are lies.

So because of that, last night I had a total existential crisis (thanks Vonnegut), so... now I'm grappling with these huge philosophical issues in the middle of Animation class (hey! at least I'm done with my work).

I mean the book was good, but the philosophy just really made me question everything. I can't wait to read Atlas Shrugged, that's gonna really throw me off.Sweating a little...

I guess that the final philosophy that makes the most sense to me, regarding this question of whether all religion is a lie or not is that I don't know. I mean I don't think that there are people who are rubbing there hands together and trying to willingly deceive people into believing a false religion, so I guess, no religion is seen as a lie by those who follow it or create it. As for which religion is divinely true? I'm not in any position to claim I know that answer, I think that's up to you guys.

Geez that was stressful.
Thanks Vonnegut! Rage 
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April 4, 2016


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